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Our Background & History

Background & History:

Remtec was founded in 1990 to serve a growing need in advanced ceramic packaging technology for the electronics industry, primarily for high power and circuit density applications, covering a broad frequency range.

Plated Copper on Thick/Thin Film Ceramic Metalization Technology was developed and fully tested by the end of 1991 and full production and manufacturing capabilities were established in 1992. Since then the company has been involved in the design and fabrication of metalized ceramic substrates, chip carriers, surface mountable hermetic/non-hermetic ceramic packages and specialty components for various electronic applications.

In 1999 Remtec acquired a plating company and moved to a new 28,000 square feet facility. During 2012-2013 the facility was expanded to 33,000 square feet including additional equipment purchase and capabilities upgrade. With the acquisition of new equipment including an automated cassette-to-cassette production line and gold tin plating line as well as expanding and broadening its technology base and product line, Remtec has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of plated copper on thick and thin film substrates, chip carriers, packages as well as submounts for laser diodes, photo diodes and LEDs.

With its strong engineering background and a continued commitment to bringing novel techniques to market, Remtec has always provided customers with creative solutions to their ceramic packaging problems and needs.

Our Mission & Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create a strong partnership with our customers through continuous application / engineering support and to provide customers with a one stop solution for all their ceramic and packaging needs, be it a prototype order, a large production order or just a search for new and innovative solutions, our Sales and Engineering staff are here to help you.

With REMTEC your Problems become Solutions!

Our Products & Services:

We manufacture Custom Metalized Ceramic Substrates, Chip Carriers and Packages for Power & Microwave /RF applications using our Plated Copper on to Thick Film (PCTF) technology. PCTF® technology successfully combines elements of plating technology with thick film and thin film processing to provide customers with optimal solutions for their packaging needs.

Our Quality Policy:

Remtec Inc. is committed to providing leading edge/ innovative solutions to our customers, which meet or exceed their requirements. We will use innovative techniques and teamwork to continuously improve all of our operations. ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate Download a PDF of Remtec Inc Certificate Further reading Press Releases and learn more about us Navigate through this site


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