Our Facility

Remtec is dedicated to using its wide range of ceramic metallization and packaging technologies as well as its wide-ranging equipment base, modern manufacturing techniques and diverse industry experience to solve your electronic packaging problems. Utilizing the latest CAD tools, Remtec engineers work closely with you to develop the most cost-effective manufacturing techniques for your specific requirements.

Our 33,000 sq. ft. facility, equipped with state-of-the-art thick film processing and electroplating equipment, is designed to maximize throughput and to offer you the advantages of mass production.

With years of experience in volume manufacturing, Remtec has refined its patented process that combines plated copper images with thick film on ceramic substrates. This technology, Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF®), allows Remtec to achieve product uniformity, yield consistency, remarkably high reliability and product performance levels well within customer expectations.

Notably, Remtec products, with over 100 million gold and aluminum wire bond connections and over 1 billion solder joint connections, have been successfully tested in numerous industries without reported field failures.

At Remtec, we turn your packaging and assembly problems into effective, reliable and lasting solutions.

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A class 100,000 clean room, our printing operation has the capacity of producing more than 50,000 metalized substrates per month using both semiautomatic and fully automated cassette-to-cassette equipment.

An on-site analysis ensures tight plating control and allow the finite adjustments that assure process uniformity for all electroplating and autocatalytic plating operations.  Remtec’s x-ray fluorescence system verifies thickness of plated metals in a broad range with great accuracy.

To ensure top quality, all products are subjected to rigorous inspection and testing using a variety of precision measurement equipment and statistical process control.

In house SMT reflow soldering, gold and aluminum wire bonding and high temperature brazing capabilities allow Remtec to perform product assembly and testing on PCTF substrates and packages.

In house Photolithography and etching enable Remtec to provide fine line resolutions with small aspect rations.

A modern plating facility houses several new, state-of-the-art electroplating and autocatalytic plating lines, adding to the variety of surface finishes.

In house high speed laser trim and test system provides for fast turn around and ensures product reliability.

Four thick film production furnaces including robotic cassette-to-cassette loaders and unloaders provide optimum throughput and support for our screen-printing operations.

Remtec’s application engineers and designers work closely with our customers selecting the most cost-effective design and manufacturing techniques for both prototype and high volume production.