Our Company

Our Mission

Our sole mission is to create strong partnerships with our customers through continuous application and engineering support, so as to be a SINGLE source for all their ceramic and packaging needs—from prototype to production.

With a strong engineering background and a commitment to bringing novel technologies to market, the Remtec team employs a wide range of ceramic metallization and packaging technologies—as well as our comprehensive equipment base, modern manufacturing techniques, and diverse industry experience—to solve electronic packaging problems.

Utilizing the latest CAD tools, Remtec application engineers and designers work closely with each customer to develop the most cost-effective manufacturing techniques for their specific requirements.

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Over decades of experience in volume manufacturing, Remtec has refined our patented process for combining plated copper images with thick film on ceramic substrates—a technology we call Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF®). This technology enables us to achieve high levels of product uniformity, yield consistency, reliability, and product performance. In fact, with over 100 million gold and aluminum wire bond connections and more than 1 billion solder joint connections, Remtec products have been successfully field-tested across numerous industries without reported failure.

At Remtec, we turn your packaging and assembly problems into effective, reliable, and lasting solutions.

If you require a new and innovative ceramic packaging solution designed to your specifications, then Remtec’s staff of Sales and Engineering experts is here to help you.

OUR Management Team

Remtec’s management team possesses extensive industry experience and strong technical expertise

Brian Buyea, President

  • Brian Buyea, President - RemtecYears of industry experience: 32
  • Joined Remtec in 2020 as General Manager to oversee quality, operations and IT. Promoted to President in 2023.
  • Former positions at TTM Technologies, Knowles Precision Devices, Anaren and Dielectric Labs
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology from State University of New York at Utica/Rome

Ed Woytaszek, Sales & Application Engineering Manager

  • Ed Woytaszek, Sales and Application Engineering Manager - RemtecYears of industry experience: 29
  • Joined Remtec in 2023 as Product Line Manager. Promoted to Sales & Application Engineering Manager to lead the Sales department.
  • Former positions at Microchip Technology, M/A COM, Videology Imaging Corp and Analog Devices
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Marie Gertje, Controller

  • Marie Gertje, Controller - RemtecYears of industry experience: 15
  • Joined Remtec in 2022 as Controller to oversee Finance and Human Resources
  • Former positions at Harvard Bioscience and Environmental Partners Group
  • Master of Science in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts Boston

Michael Hipsman, IT/ERP Business Systems Manager

  • Michael Hipsman, IT/ERP Business Systems ManagerYears of industry experience: 40+
  • Joined Remtec in 2003 as an Operations Manager. Promoted to Director of Operations in 2020.
  • Responsible for oversight and management of all operational activities for the Company
  • Previously Operations Manager for Ault, Power General and CPI
  • BSEE from UMASS – Dartmouth

Julio Castillo, Operations Manager

  • Julio Castillo, Operations ManagerYears in industry: 32
  • Joined Remtec in 2022 to manage the Operations Department
  • Former positions at Composite Modules and Schott Electrical Packaging
  • MBA from University of Rhode Island

Jay Sparling, Quality Manager

  • Jay Sparling, Quality ManagerYears in the industry: 40
  • Joined Remtec in 2022 to manage the Quality Department
  • Former positions at Aesco Electronics, Sunburst EMS and MC Assembly/Chase EMS
  • Studied Business Management at Stonehill College and Technical Management at Northeastern University

Chandra Gupta, Business Development Manager

  • Chandra Gupta, Business Development ManagerYears of industry experience: 25+
  • Engaged by Remtec in 2023
  • Former positions at Mini-Circuits, Communications & Power Industries, Inc.; Analog Devices, Inc. (formerly Hittite Microwave Corp); and Aeroflex (now part of Cobham)
  • BS and PhD from the University of Wales (Bangor, United Kingdom), and MBA from Rutgers University

Christopher Merkle, Planning & Supply Chain Manager

  • Christopher Merkle, Planning & Supply Chain ManagerYears in industry: 28
  • Joined Remtec in 2022 as a Supply Chain Engineer. Promoted to Planning and Supply Chain Manager in 2023.
  • Former positions at Manufacturing Operational Excellence, Samtan Engineering Corp and Electroswitch Corp
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from Tufts University

Our Facility

Our 55,000 sq. ft., US-based design and manufacturing facility is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art thick film processing and electroplating equipment to facilitate mass production. Remtec subjects all products to rigorous inspection and testing with precision instrumentation and statistical process controls to ensure top quality.

%title - Use for Clean room

A class-100,000 clean-room printing operation with the capacity to produce more than 50,000 metallized substrates per month, using both semi-automatic and fully-automated cassette-to-cassette equipment.

%title - onsite analysis
On-site analysis of all electroplating and autocatalytic plating operations ensures tight plating control and enables adjustments to ensure process uniformity.
%title - X ray flourescence

An X-ray fluorescence system verifies thickness of plated metals in a broad range with great accuracy.

%title - reflow
Under close Remtec supervision, SMT reflow soldering, gold and aluminum wire bonding, and high-temperature brazing capabilities are available via third-party allies — enabling product assembly and testing on PCTF substrates and packages.
%title - photolithography
Photolithography and etching capabilities provide fine-line resolutions with small aspect ratios.
%title - electroplating
State-of-the-art electroplating and autocatalytic plating lines enable a wide variety of surface finishes.
%title - high speed laser trim
High-speed laser trim-and-test system provides fast turn-around and ensures product reliability.
%title - thick film production furnaces
Precision furnaces are customized for all material sets and treatment of ceramic to insure highly reliable adhesion through all material interfaces.

Our History

Remtec is founded to serve a growing need in the electronics industry for advanced ceramic packaging technology, primarily for applications requiring high power, heavy circuit density, and a broad operational frequency range.

Remtec engineers develop and test our proprietary Plated Copper on Thick/Thin Film (PCTF®) ceramic metallization technology.


Remtec establishes full production and manufacturing capabilities for the design and fabrication of metallized ceramic substrates, chip carriers, surface-mountable hermetic and non-hermetic ceramic packages, and specialty components for electronic applications.


Remtec acquires a plating company and moves to a new 28,000 sq. ft. facility.


Our facility expands to 33,000 sq. ft. (construction is completed in 2013). The expansion includes the purchase of additional equipment—including automated cassette-to-cassette production and gold tin plating lines—and a substantial upgrade to our capabilities, which enables Remtec to broaden our technology base and product lines.


Remtec is a leading manufacturer of plated copper on thick and thin film substrates, chip carriers, packages, and submounts for laser diodes, photo diodes, and LEDs.


Remtec moves to a new 55,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility.


We’re always looking for great talent!


Have questions about Remtec or our products? Want more information about our technologies and techniques? Need a solution for your production challenge? Let us know – a team member is ready with answers.