Laser and Photo Diode Submounts

Remtec’s Plated Copper on Thick & Thin Metallization (PCTF®) meets the Challenges of High Performance Laser & Photo Diodes in Demanding Optoelectronic Applications
Remtec manufactures High performance metallized laser and photo diode submounts, accessory circuits and spacers to customer specification.

Remtec’s submounts are produced on BeO and AIN ceramics using PCTF® (Plated Copper on Thick Film) metallization. For less thermally demanding applications, alumina based materials are available. PCTF® manufacturing technology and processes enable Remtec to offer lower cost laser diode submounts without any compromise in performance or quality.

Remtec’s high performance laser diode submounts offer copper metallization with a unique Zero Pullback® from a burr‐free ceramic edge for various demanding optoelectronic applications.  A Zero Pullback® metallization with burr‐free edge greatly enhances performance characteristics of edge emitting diodes.

In addition, lower cost gold‐tin plating finish can be selectively applied over basic metallization. Gold‐tin alloy composition may be adjusted from 72/28 to 80/20 within a thickness range of 3 to 12 microns.  A barrier metal under Au‐Sn prevents gold enrichment and a protective cap layer stops oxidation and ensures void‐free solder joints.

As a result Remtec is now able to offer to the high power laser diode industry a reliable single source solution for competitively priced submounts. Features comprise a Zero Pullback® copper metallization, an economical gold‐tin finish and all the advantages of PCTF® technology. It combines elements of thick and thin films with plated copper and nickel/gold finish. Lately, DBC (Direct Bond Copper) metallization has been introduced as an additional option for specialty applications.

Low upfront tooling costs and fast turnaround time permit designers to bring their systems into production faster and with lower engineering costs. Technical data is shown on the reverse side.

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Technical Data

Remtec’s Cost Effective Ceramic Packaging Solutions Ensure Optimum
Performance for Laser & Photo Diode Submounts

PCTF® technology combines elements of thick and thin films with plated copper and nickel/gold finish with excellent and reliable adhesion. Therefore, substrates are available with multiple metallization techniques and selective plating options permitting both silver thick film and TiW thin film seed layers of various thicknesses, plated copper from 5 to 75 micron and Ni‐Au finish with gold thickness from .1 to 4.0 micron. Selective gold‐tin plating capability ensures excellent die attach and void free soldering.

PCTF® technology enables creating fully hermetic, metal plugged vias in a ceramic substrate with high thermal and electrical conductivity. The plated copper vias’ capability allows design and manufacture of hermetic integral substrate package with built‐in laser diode submounts and low dc resistance conductor traces.

Ceramic and copper surface finish can be held to less than 1μm. Overall submount thickness tolerance can be held to ±13μm, flatness to 1μm and surface roughness to less than Ra .05μm.

Remtec and its team of technical experts are ready to assist you with your metallized ceramic requirements. We provide you a complete solution from prototype design and fabrication to high volume production.

Please send your electronic files in DXF and/or DWG formats to Additional data is available at More detailed design guidelines are available upon request.

Remtec, a RoHS compliant, ISO 9001:2000 registered and ITAR Compliant company, provides ceramic packaging solutions for optoelectronics, microwave/RF components and modules and power electronics. Applications include high performance laser and photo diode submounts, optoelectronic circuits, spacers, power modules as well as RF power amplifiers and TC modules.

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