Remtec publishes new Direct Bond Copper and Active Metal Braze datasheet


Remtec’s newly published direct bond copper (DBC) and active metal braze (AMB) datasheet

Remtec has issued a new datasheet summarizing the company’s innovative Direct Bond Copper (DBC) and Active Metal Braze (AMB) capabilities. While these technologies are best suited for high-power applications, the sheet was introduced in conjunction with Remtec’s participation in the IMS 2024 expo held in Washington, DC this last week. Here is a brief excerpt from the new document:

“Remtec provides high-voltage and high-current Direct Bond Copper (DBC) and Active Metal Braze (AMB) solutions for automotive, rail, plasma generation, etching equipment, heaters, electric vehicles (EV), and other wide applications. DBC and AMB solutions are realized as single layer boards; multilayer dielectric ceramic circuits with 6-8 conductor layers, ground planes, hermetic plugged and plated vias (e.g., interlayer blind, partial through, and PTV® power/thermal vias); and as printed resistors on Alumina, Aluminum Nitride and Silicon Nitride.

Copper conductor layer thickness ranges from 5 mil to 12 mil. Boards are plated with gold and other custom plating for excellent wire bondability, solderability, and conductor adhesion. And multilayer circuit boards utilize silver interlayer conductors on inner dielectric layers and outer layers that may be gold plated.”

To read and/or download the complete datasheet, which includes complete specifications, tolerances, and more — click here.

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