Laser + Photodiode Submounts

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Meeting the Challenges of Demanding Optoelectronic Applications

Remtec’s high-performance metallized laser and photo diode submounts, accessory circuits, and spacers are designed and manufactured to customer specifications. Our proprietary Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF®) manufacturing technology enables us to offer lower-cost laser diode submounts without compromising performance or quality.


  • BeO and AIN ceramics using PCTF® metallization, with alumina-based materials available for applications with lower thermal requirements.
  • Copper metallization with a unique Zero Pullback® from a burr‐free ceramic edge, which greatly enhances the performance characteristics of edge emitting diodes.
  • PCTF® technology combines elements of thick and thin films with plated copper and nickel/gold finish for excellent and reliable adhesion.
  • Fully-hermetic, metal-plugged vias in a ceramic substrate provide high thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Plated copper vias enable hermetic integral substrate packages with built‐in laser diode submounts and low DC resistance conductor traces.
  • Economical gold‐tin finish option (72/28 to 80/20 composition, within a thickness range of 3 to 12 microns) ensures excellent die attach and void-free soldering.
  • DBC (Direct Bond Copper) metallization option available for specialty applications.
  • Low upfront tooling costs and rapid turnaround facilitates a faster time from prototype-to-production with lower engineering costs.
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We’re Ready to Help You.

Remtec’s team of technical experts will assist you with your metallized ceramic requirements. We provide a complete solution—from prototype design and fabrication to high volume production.

Please send your electronic files in DXF and/or DWG formats to Additional design guidelines are available upon request.