Leadless Hermetic and Non-Hermetic SMT Packages

Remtec Product

Cost-Effective Alternatives to Standard TO-Style Packages for the Photonics Industry

Remtec’s proven leadless ceramic SMT substrate technology led to the development of a line of cost-effective leadless hermetic and non-hermetic SMT packages for electro-optical circuits that match standard JEDEC TO-style window lids.

Our economical surface-mounted ceramic packages can be produced for a wide range of circuits and I/O configurations, all fully compatible with most JEDEC TO-style window caps, including TO-5, TO-8, TO-18, TO-39, TO-46, and more.

Hermetic applications include RF power amplifiers, MMIC modules, encoders, optical drivers, attenuators, filters, and transmit-receive modules for radar, satellite, military, and aerospace purposes.

Non-hermetic applications include APD preamplifiers, LED sensors for non-invasive medical testing, VCSEL laser diodes, optical data transfer systems, analytical instrumentation, and circuits for sensing and detecting optical and photonic signal processing.


  • Alumina, AIN, and BeO ceramic construction using our proprietary Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF®) technology with PTV® hermetic plug vias and castellations.
  • Customizable ceramic base for specific circuit patterns and number of I/O terminations (typical pitch is 1.25mm).
  • Copper metallization, copper-plated solid plugged via holes, and PCTF wraparounds (castellations) suitable for RF signal transmission.
  • Lids that can be either soldered to ensure hermeticity, or attached with epoxy and equipped with standard or narrow angle beam lenses.
  • Operating frequencies up to 10 GHz and higher for high-speed signal applications.
  • Compatibility with standard window lids used for TO-style packages, eliminating the need for through-hole mounting of the device on the printed-circuit board (PCB).
  • Direct attachment of large ceramic packages and substrates to PCBs.
  • Compliance with RoHS soldering requirements without any degradation in package integrity and reliability.
  • Consistent dielectric properties, enhanced thermal management, and improved reliability.
  • Optional large-panel multiple-array and multiple-up ceramic panel formats utilizing automatic pick-and-place equipment for additional cost savings.
  • Low upfront tooling costs and rapid turnaround facilitate a faster time-to-market with lower engineering costs.
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