LED Substrates and Submounts

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Versatile Technologies Enable Cost-Effective LED Packaging Solutions

Remtec produces high-performance metallized LED substrates and submounts to each customer’s required performance characteristics, power level or assembly methods. Our manufacturing technology and processes enable us to offer competitively-priced submounts to LED assembly manufacturers without compromising performance or quality.

Applications include laser, photo diode, and LED submounts, optoelectronic circuits, spacers, power modules, RF power amplifiers, and TC modules.


  • Alumina, AIN, Silicon Nitride and BeO ceramic construction using our proprietary Plated Copper on Thick/Thin Film (PCTF®) technology, or AgENIG® (Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold over Silver) and DBC (Direct Bond Copper) plating.
  • Tin, nickel and gold finish over bare copper allows utilization of various interconnect techniques: RoHS soldering, gold and aluminum wire bond, epoxy and high-temperature die attach, and flip chip bonding.
  • Economical gold-tin plating option provides a protective cap layer that prevents oxidation and ensures void-free solder joints.
  • Fine-line capability and narrow gaps (down to 50µm) make Remtec substrates ideal for mounting flip-chip and “bond pad down” GaN, GaAs, and other LED devices.
  • High thermal conductivity ceramic materials and thick copper tracks with low resistivity provide excellent thermal management characteristics.
  • Parts can be supplied individually in waffle packs, or in large, multiple-image formats for automatic assembly, which reduces product cost.
  • Low upfront tooling costs and rapid turnaround facilitate a faster time-to-market with lower engineering costs.
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We’re Ready to Help You.

Remtec’s team of technical experts will assist you with your metallized ceramic requirements. We provide a complete solution—from prototype design and fabrication to high volume production.

Please send your electronic files in DXF and/or DWG formats to sales@remtec.com. Additional design guidelines are available upon request.