Low-Cost AgENIG Substrates

Remtec Product

A Cost-Effective Substitute for Platinum and Palladium Substrates

Remtec engineers have developed a proprietary process for manufacturing metallized ceramic substrates that are not only RoHS compliant, but also a cost-effective substitute for expensive thick film materials containing platinum and palladium.

Lower-cost AgENIG® metallized ceramic substrates combine silver thick film processing with electroless nickel and immersion gold plating, and are 30% lower in price than commonly-used Pd-Pt-Ag substrates.

Typical applications include miniature DC/DC converters, RF resonators and filters, and TEC substrates.


  • Significantly-reduced solder leaching over conventional thick film substrates.
  • Plated substrates ensure more reliable solder connections, and can withstand multiple SMT reflow solder cycles and repairs.
  • Track resistivity improved tenfold to 1m/square.
  • Substrates can be used up to 170ºC continuous operation temperature.
  • Pattern definition can be held to 0.006” line and spaces.
  • Versatile surface finishes for different assembly types.
  • Available with all the major features of Remtec’s Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF®) technology, including multilayers, integrated resistors, plugged via holes, and plated through holes.
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We’re Ready to Help You.

Remtec’s team of technical experts will assist you with your metallized ceramic requirements. We provide a complete solution—from prototype design and fabrication to high volume production.

Please send your electronic files in DXF and/or DWG formats to sales@remtec.com. Additional design guidelines are available upon request.