Remtec Specs

The following links contain technical information and specifications for Remtec products. These resources are intended to help manufacturing engineers and designers incorporate Remtec’s innovative and cost-effective metallization technologies into your products.

Technical Papers

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Remtec - MW RF PCTF

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Remtec APEC Paper Presentation

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Data Sheets

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Laser and Photo Diode Submounts

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Specialty Plating

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Direct Bond Copper Substrates

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Leadless Ceramic SMT Substrates, Packages & Components

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Leadless Hermetic Ceramic SMT Substrates & Packages

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Low Cost AgENIG Thick Film Substrates

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Multilayer Thick Film Substrates

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Metallized Substrates, Packages & Components with PCTF Technology

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Please send your electronic files in DXF and/or DWG formats to Additional design guidelines are available upon request.