Core Technology: Plated Copper on Thick films (PCTF ®) Technology

REMTEC utilizes a patented manufacturing process to produce layers of plated copper (up to .010″ thick), allowing high current capacity in excess of 50 Amps as well as excellent heat spreading and low thermal resistance. Solid metal vias capability ensures significant improvement in thermal management and electrical performance.

This cost effective technology is extremely versatile. In addition to its basic copper plated metalization, we offer a complete range of thick film resistors and thick film gold. PCTF® technology allows you to complement your high power plated copper tracks with thick film multilayer circuitry, thus combining power and logic on the same substrate (SMART POWER).

Tin, Nickel, and Gold (electrolytic & electroless) finishes over bare copper allow for excellent soldering, wire bonding (aluminum and gold) and eutectic die attach. The PCTF® substrate provides an ideal solution for both the assembly of surface mount components and chip-on-board technology.

Remtec services a broad range of industries from telecommunications and computers to power supplies, electro-optical, laser and medical electronics, covering military, industrial and commercial range applications. Typical applications include RF power amplifiers and LNA’s, optical switches, LED, filters, high-density DC/DC converters, driver circuits, thermoelectric coolers, power hybrids, power modules, smart power, power packages, chip carriers and other power assemblies.

Typical PCTF ® Configuration

Basic PCTF ® Circuit with added Features

PCTF ® – Combination Technologies: Combining PCTF ® with conventional Thick film or Thin film technologies provide design engineers with a broad spectrum of options to design ceramic packages with various features (See Typical Application).

PCTF ®– Thick film Combo with other add-on features