PCTF ® Technology: Features & Their Benefits


Snap Shot


Thick Copper Tracks (.001″ -.010″)
  • Provide high current carrying capacity (to 50 Amps)
  • Low Conductor Resistance (0.6 to 0.07 mohm/square)
  • Heat Spreading Effect
Plated Through Holes
  • Provide front-to-back high conductance connections
  • Low loss RF signal and ground interconnections
  • Minimize common to ground inductance
Plugged Vias (PowerPlug)
  • PowerPlug vias are fully hermetic and withstand gross and fine leak test
  • Plugged via holes provide excellent electrical interconnections (signal and ground
  • Combined with PCTF® serve as thermal heat pipes while ensuring low thermal resistance from top to bottom
Printed Thick film Resistors
  • Ensure higher circuit density and higher resistor power rating
Wraparound / Castellations for SMT Attach
  • Castellations enable large chip carrier (>1x1cm) for direct PCB attachment, high conductance, low inductance, highly reliable connections
Stand Off/Bump for SMT Attach
  • Solder bumps – SMT / DIrect PCB attachment
Thick film gold and plated copper pads with plugged vias
  • Allows a higher power and circuit density
  • Ensures capability for Au and Al wire bonding, brazing & soldering
  • Excellent Solderability – Zero Solder Leaching and ability to withstand multiple soldering
  • Fine Line Resolution (0.004″ Lines and Spacing)