Remtec Announces Completion and Transition to its new 55,000 sq. ft., $12+ million facility in Canton, MA

A sample pic of Remtec's new facility in Canton, MA

One view of the infrastructure in Remtec’s new facility in Canton, MA

Canton, MA — Remtec Incorporated — a leading U.S. provider of ceramic-based packaging, assemblies, substrates, and components applied across the electronics industry announced today that, after a year-long construction project, it has completed its new, 55,000 sq. ft. facility in Canton, Massachusetts.

With an investment of more than $12 million in the project, Remtec indicates that the move will result in increased capacity, new manufacturing and process capabilities, and increased vertical integration; some new employment opportunities; and highly tangible value for U.S. customers looking to onshore their supply base. The project also resulted in positive economic ripple-effects for the local economy, not including an increased positive impact on the area’s tax base.

“This new and far more modernized facility doubles the footprint of the Norwood facility we’ve called home since our founding in 1992,” said Remtec’s president, Brian Buyea. “In turn, the larger physical space allows us to expand capabilities that add value and electronics content for our customers; allows us to vertically and more cost-effectively integrate some of the processes we previously outsourced; and increases capacity for both incoming materials and completed products, so we can ship on demand. It even gives us more space for engineering, collaboration, and back-office functions – which makes us more competitive and is also resulting in a nice boost in employee morale.”

Buyea also emphasized that the new facility, recently announced workforce development grant, and stepped-up activity/involvement as a new member of the Printed Circuit Board Association of America (PCBAA) are well timed to leverage America’s recent strategic efforts and investments in “re-onshoring” electronics manufacturing and supply bases — exemplified by the Chips & Science Act of 2023 and Protecting Circuit Boards and Substrates Act of 2023.

According to Buyea, new capabilities that directly result from the move — and likely to be attractive to the company’s customers in the re-energized domestic electronics market include:

  • Increased capacity and processing speeds for Remtec’s existing, proprietary solutions — such as thick film ceramic boards/substrates (BeO, AIN, AI203); Plating (AU, AG, ENIG); Direct Bond Copper; and Plated Copper Thick Film® (PCTF)
  • Advanced dicing and laser trimming systems – to meet ever-more exacting tolerance requirements of Remtec’s resistive components customers
  • Photoimaging, laser etching, laser ablation and like systems for more precise lines, through-holes, alignment marks, slots, flats, and chamfer cuts and other complex shapes and features needed for demanding end-applications
  • An array of other new manufacturing infrastructure and process capabilities – that empower Remtec to develop and produce vastly more complex products, structures, and electronic content (not just board and substrates) — such as whole electronic packages, complex assemblies, embedded and printed components, and multilayer circuits solutions.

Located in Canton’s Campanelli Circle industrial park, Remtec’s new facility has also had a multiplying economic impact on the regon’s economy when supplier contributions are factored in. Key allies in the project included:

“Having just passed our 30th anniversary, this new facility certainly sets us up for stability, growth, and opportunities for decades to come,” concluded Buyea.

Remtec plans to celebrate the opening of the new facility with an official ribbon-cutting, open house, and tours for elected officials and other stakeholders later this spring.


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Founded in 1990 and today operating out of a newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility in Canton, MA – Remtec Incorporated is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and RoHS and ITAR compliant U.S. company providing custom and semi-custom ceramics-based electronic packaging, assembly, substrate, and component solutions for a wide range electronics customers – and applied in challenging contexts within RF/microwave, power electronics, optoelectronics, defense, aerospace, and semiconductor manufacturing segments. Remtec is also a member of the Printed Circuit Board Association of America (PCBAA), a consortium of U.S.-based companies that support and advocates for U.S. domestic electronics production and related supply chains. Learn more about Remtec at


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