Ceramic Components,

Packaging & Substrates…

Designed & Manufactured

in the U.S.A


Ceramic components,

packaging & substrates…

Designed & manufactured

in the U.S.A


Ceramic components,

packaging & substrates…

Designed & manufactured

in the U.S.A


Ceramic components,

packaging & substrates…

Designed & manufactured

in the U.S.A

About Us

Backed by a legacy of quality engineering, Remtec can deliver a creative, cost-effective metallized substrate and packaging solution designed to any specification.

For more than three decades, Remtec has been a premier designer and manufacturer of thick film, direct bond copper substrates and packaging products for the electronics industry. We now lead the industry in specialty metallized applications with our advanced ceramic packaging technology: Plated Copper Thick Film (PCTF®).

Engineered specifically for electronics applications involving high power, heavy circuit density, and rigorous environmental conditions, our proprietary technology plates copper images over thick film on ceramic substrates.

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In addition to ceramic substrates, Remtec designs and fabricates a wide range of metallized products utilizing our PCTF® technology, including chip carriers, hermetic and non-hermetic ceramic SMT packages, and other specialty components—all manufactured right here in our US-based facility.

Our patented manufacturing processes enable us to achieve a more uniform product with consistent yield, greater reliability, and higher performance results—every time.

Remtec is ISO 9001:2015 certified, RoHS and ITAR compliant.

Industries We serve

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PCTF®, AgENIG® and DBC for radar, flight guidance, navigation and target acquisition systems utilizing heat spreading package solutions for GaN semiconductors and RF & Microwave circuits.

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PCTF® and DBC for Semiconductor module assemblies in space, satellite, and commercial airline electronics including fuel controls, position sensors, and power units.
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Industrial Electronics

PCTF®, AgENIG® and DBC for laser submounts, and sensing/control functions.

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Semiconductor Equipment

PCTF®, AgENIG® and DBC for high power RF Power Generators, high current carrying substrates, low inductance planar coils and precision matched resistors.

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Opto Electronics

PCTF(R), AgENIG(R), and DBC submounts and packages for lasers, sensors, and LEDS. Also, AuSn plating (Gold-Tin plating) for laser diode and LED die-attach.
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Medical Instrumentation

PCTF®, and AgENIG® for blood analyzers, dental x-rays, pulse oximeters, electronic surgical devices, implantable sensors, laser aesthetic solutions and scanning applications.

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DBC, AMB and PCTF® in high power, sensing and control in automotive and rail braking, traction control, charging, and LED lighting.

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Commercial Telecom

PCTF® and DBC for high density optical packaging solutions, heat spreaders, RF test & instrumentation, and DC power circuitry where limited space and (SMT) surface mount solutions.

Remtec Products

Remtec offers a full range of thick film and direct bond copper (DBC) products, as well as customized solutions designed to any specification.

Products utilizing our proprietary Plated Copper Thick Film (PCTF®) technology achieve results not found with conventional thick films or co‐fired ceramics. Additionally, Remtec’s proprietary processes for electrolytic copper, nickel, gold, gold-tin, electroless nickel, and AgENiG provide finishes that are wire-bondable and solderable for even more options and flexibility.

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Laser & Photodiode Submounts

High-performance, cost-effective submounts, accessory circuits, and spacers manufactured to exact specifications.

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LED Substrates & Submounts

Metallized substrates and submounts deliver economical packaging solutions for the most demanding applications.

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Leadless Hermetic & Non-Hermetic SMT Packages

Surface-mount technologies are a cost-effective alternative to standard TO-style packages for optoelectronics, offering optimal reliability and high-performance features, at a lower cost and faster time-to-market.

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Leadless Ceramic SMT Substrates & Interposers

Substrates, chip carriers, and packages, designed and manufactured for direct mounting of components and multichip modules.

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Low-Cost AgENIG Substrates

Innovative substrates provide RoHS compliance without expensive platinum and palladium films.

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Metallized Ceramic Sensors

Superior protection for delicate sensor and detector components operating in harsh environmental conditions.

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High-Density Thick Film Substrates

Thick film ceramic circuits are precision-engineered for cost versatility, reliable performance, and flexible design options.

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DBC and AMB Substrates

DBC substrates feature excellent solderability, better thermal conductivity, and higher current capacity—at a lower cost.

News + Events

Here’s what we’re talking about at Remtec.

Remtec issues new Thick Film Substrates datasheet

Remtec issues new Thick Film Substrates datasheet

Remtec has issued a new datasheet that summarizes the company's advanced and unique custom thick film substrates capabilities. The sheet has been released in conjunction with Remtec's participation in the IMS 2024 expo to be held in Washington, DC from June 16-21 at...

See Remtec at IMS 2024 – booth 2215!

See Remtec at IMS 2024 – booth 2215!

Heading to IMS 2024 in Washington, DC next month? Be sure to stop by booth 2215 for a visit with team Remtec! Remtec has served RF/microwave customers for 35 years. Now,with our new, state-of-the-art facility, we’re better equipped than ever to handle your screen...