Remtec Introduces New Leadless Ceramic SMT Packages Compatible with Standard JEDEC TO-Style Window Lids for Optoelectronic Circuits

Remtec Introduces New Leadless Ceramic SMT Packages Compatible with Standard JEDEC TO-Style Window Lids for Optoelectronic Circuits.

Norwood, MA, December 23. 2014. Remtec Inc.,( the leading manufacturer of substrates and packages using PCTF® (Plated Copper on Thick and Thin Film) metallization, has applied its time proven
leadless ceramic SMT substrate technology to the development of a new line of standard SMT leadless packages for electro optical circuits matching standard TO type window lids. These new packages address the longstanding demands of the photonics industry for an SMT packaging solution as a viable alternative to standard TO type packages.

Now standard economical surface mounted packages can be produced for a wide range of circuits and I/O configurations fully compatible with most of JEDEC TO-style window caps such as TO-8, TO-46 and beyond at operating frequencies up to 10 GHz and higher. This approach reduces the total design cycle, minimizes tooling and engineering costs and reduces end user assembly costs. Remtec’s ability to use standard TO-style lids on a surface-mountable substrate eliminates the need for through-hole mounting of the device on the PCB. More importantly, the device assembly can be done in multiple up panel format resulting in additional cost savings.

Remtec’s new SMT packages for optoelectronic circuits are based on extensive experience in design and manufacturing of various products for RF, photonics and other industries. Remtec’s expertise in the design and fabrication of RF substrates and packages complements its capability in the fabrication of substrates and submounts for laser and photo diodes, LEDs, sensors and detectors. This experience extends to a broad use of its PCTF® technology for surface mounted leadless substrates and packages with hermetic, metal plugged vias and castellations (wraparounds) on alumina, aluminum nitride and beryllium oxide.

New SMT leadless ceramic packages with standard TO-style window lids permit Remtec to expand product offerings to a number of applications such as APD preamplifiers, LED sensors for noninvasive medical testing, VCSEL laser diodes, optical data transfer systems, analytical instrumentation and other circuits.

For more information, please visit or stop at our booth 4227 at SPIE Photonics West, February 10-12, 2015. Remtec, a RoHS compliant, ISO 9001:2008 registered and ITAR compliant company, operates a manufacturing facility totaling 33,000 sq. ft. in Norwood, MA. Remtec provides custom and semi custom packaging solutions for RF/MW products, DC power electronics, optoelectronics and other high density circuit applications in commercial, industrial and military industries.


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